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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Military Science - Bobcat Army Guard Officer Leadership Development (GOLD) Program

General Information:

The College of the Ozarks Military Science Program is designed to provide students with basic leadership principles. Students including Military Science courses in their curriculum are preparing themselves not only for a civilian career, but also creating an opportunity to serve as leaders in their communities and the Army National Guard (ARNG). The leadership skills, self-discipline, and sense of responsibility developed will enhance any career field. The Missouri Army National Guard (MOARNG) Bobcat GOLD is divided into two elective programs, Basic and Advanced.

Available Programs

Basic Program:

Students may enroll in Basic Program courses with no military service obligation but receive leadership, management and confidence-building instruction that will be of great value in any career field. However, to be considered a contracted "candidate", and receive all the benefits of the program, students must enlist in the MOARNG. The primary objective of the Basic Program is to provide college students with an understanding of the United States Army.  All non-U.S. citizens must have permission before enrolling in any Military Science course with the exception of MIL 141 Physical Training  and MIL 233 Survival Skills , which are open to all students.

Advanced Program:

Advanced Program courses are restricted to contracted candidates meeting departmental criteria and who will, upon graduation, accept a commission as an Army officer with a military service obligation. The primary objective of the Advanced Program is to prepare qualified college students for military service as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army National Guard. Students meeting departmental criteria become eligible for Advanced Program courses by enlisting in the MOARNG and successfully completing Initial Entry Training (IET). Students accepted as candidates in all contracted Basic and Advanced Programs must participate in a regularly scheduled physical fitness program. Upon completion of the Advanced Program courses, Accelerated Officer Candidate School (OCS) and a bachelor's degree, students are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the U.S. Army National Guard. These officers may elect to complete their military service obligation in the Army National Guard or apply for a release to Active Duty after successful completion of their initial, branch specific officer training - Basic Officer Leadership Course B (BOLC B).

Nurse Cadet Program:

Prospective Army Nurse candidates must be admitted into the College of the Ozarks Nursing Program and concurrently qualify for enrollment in the Bobcat GOLD Advanced Program. Depending on level of immersion, the entire program can be completed in four or five years.

Initial Entry Training (IET) (Basic Training):

Students who are not current or former members of the Army (Reserve or Active components), qualify for contracting into the Bobcat GOLD Advanced Program by enlisting into the MOARNG and attending IET during the summer. Students who attend IET receive compensation for all travel and meals, with pay commensurate with their rank at time of attendance.

Simultaneous Membership in the MOARNG:

The Bobcat GOLD Program allows contracted candidates to be members of the Army National Guard full-time student/officer candidates at the same time. Under this program, candidates hold the rank of Officer Candidate and are payed at the rate commensurate with their enlisted pay grade. While conducting training with their units, candidates serve as officer trainees under the watchful eye of a commissioned officer in the unit.

Advanced Training:

Contracted candidates in the Bobcat GOLD program are eligible to attend military specialty training (Airborne, Air Assault, etc.) based upon scheduling and availability.  Additionally, all contracted candidates attend the National Guard Accelerated Officer Candidate School (OCS) during the summer between their junior and senior years.  Accelerated OCS is a challenging and physically demanding eight week course which serves as the capstone training events for Bobcat GOLD candidates.  While attending this training, candidates are paid at the E-6 pay grade (approximately $2,550/month).

MOARNG Incentives:

Students completing IET and advanced individual training (AIT) are also eligible for State and Federal Tuition Assistance as well as the Army GI Bill which pays $329 per month while enrolled as a full-time college student. As a candidate in the Bobcat GOLD program students are eligible to receive incentives under the GI Bill Kicker program.  These incentives are based upon enlistment/re-enlistment criteria and can range from $200-$350 per month.

College of the Ozarks Patriotic Scholarships:

College of the Ozarks Patriotic Scholarships: Patriotic Scholarships covering full room and board are provided on a competitive basis to students who contract with the Army through the College's Bobcat GOLD program. 

Uniforms and Texts:

Uniforms and accessories are provided when required.