2022-2023 Student Handbook 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2022-2023 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appeals Procedure

Suspensions for academic, work, finances, or chapel/convocation violations are appealed to the dean responsible for that area and their decision is not appealable. A student may appeal a suspension or disciplinary dismissal. The following procedures apply if the matter is appealed:

Disciplinary Appeals Procedures

  1. A student wishing to appeal a punishment determined by the Dean of Students may write a letter of appeal addressed to the Campus Disciplinary Board. The letter must provide a detailed statement of the complaint, including corrective actions if any, and a detailed statement of the basis for the appeal, including the specific facts, circumstances, and argument in support of it. The letter is submitted to the Dean of Character Education. Letters of appeal must be legible and must be submitted the next school day following notification of the action by the Dean of Students or his designee.
  2. The Campus Disciplinary Board is appointed by the President of the College. The Board will meet in a timely manner, review the case, and conduct a hearing. At the hearing, the student will appear before the Board and will explain the situation and present any other appropriate evidence. The Board may call additional witnesses as it deems necessary to investigate the appeal. Depending upon the circumstances, the Board may need to meet a number of times to reach a decision.
  3. The Campus Disciplinary Board, after considering the totality of the evidence, will make a decision based on the preponderance of the evidence and will make one of the following recommendations to the Dean of Character Education: a. Recommend that the case does not need further review. With this recommendation, the case is completed and sanctions of the Dean of Students are upheld. b. Recommend that the case should be reviewed further by the Dean of Character Education.
  4. If the Campus Disciplinary Board recommends the case be reviewed by the Dean of Character Education, the Dean of Character Education will review the case and decide, based on the totality of the evidence, whether it is more likely than not that the punishment is appropriate. The Dean of Character Education may decide to uphold, modify, reduce, or strengthen the sanctions of the Dean of Students.

During the appeal process, the Dean of Students will determine if a student may continue working, attending class, and/or living in the residence halls until the appeals process is completed. In the event that the Dean of Students is not available for disciplinary hearings, the Dean of Character Education may address disciplinary issues. Should those decisions be appealed, the President will appoint a proxy for the Dean of Character Education during the appeals process.


The College expects students to remain in good standing in all areas relating to the College. Students who are not in good standing may be placed on one or more of the following: academic probation, chapel/convocation probation, disciplinary probation, work probation, or financial probation. Any student who is on probation cannot represent the College during the period in which the student is on probation. This includes, but is not limited to, competing in athletic events, performing in musical concerts, attending extra-curricular off-campus trips, or representing campus organizations. Students choosing to appeal a probation or suspension decision need to address their appeal to the following individuals:

Academic Probation Dean of the College
Chapel/Convocation Probation Dean of Students
Disciplinary Probation Dean of Students
Work Probation Dean of Work Education
Financial Probation VP for Vocational Programs and Chief Financial Officer

With the exception of disciplinary probation/suspension, the Dean’s decision is final and is unable to be appealed.

Enrollment Review

Attendance at the College is a privilege and not a right. College students are expected to uphold the standards of the College in all areas of their lives including academic, work, and behavioral expectations. On the rare occasions when students do not fulfill these expectations, the student may be required to appear before the Enrollment Review Committee.

The Enrollment Review Committee is appointed by the President and chaired by the Dean of Character Education. The Committee will review the student’s continued enrollment at the College. A student may be required to meet with the committee when he/she is placed on multiple probations (any combination of academic, work, disciplinary, or chapel/convocation probations), behave in a manner that calls his/her character into question, or causes any College employee to recommend a student to the committee. While the committee meeting may occur at any time during the semester, students who have their enrollment revoked may be able to complete the remainder of the semester.

Reapplication to the College

Students who leave the College of the Ozarks due to disciplinary or other kind of suspension may be eligible to reapply for admission to the College. Students who are expelled because of a disciplinary matter are not eligible to reapply. Students who are eligible to reapply are not guaranteed admission to the College.