2022-2023 Student Handbook 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2022-2023 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Clubs and Organizations

The College encourages all students to engage in the campus community. Clubs and organizations provide an excellent opportunity for students to get involved while enhancing their college experience. There are a variety of healthy outlets for students to pursue supplementing their academic studies and further equipping their Christ-like leadership skills.

The Students’ Union

The Students’ Union (“The U.”) seeks to serve the campus community by acting as an outlet for voiced student concerns, informing students of various campus events, encouraging student-fan participation at C of O varsity athletic events, and facilitating activities outside of the classroom to inspire campus-wide community while upholding the College’s mission, vision, and goals. The U. is a work station comprised of five student director positions. Students may apply during the regular posted work station application period. Qualified candidates will be interviewed and selected by the Student Activities Director and the Dean of Students. In addition to the five student directors, sixteen student-body elected leadership council members will assist in fulfilling the charge of this organization.

Leadership Development Track

The Leadership Development Track (LDT) is a four-year program which is focused on integrating learning opportunities at C of O and capitalizing on student development. Value-based leadership is taught while incorporating the five goals of the College, and guides students toward personal responsibility and excellence, which will build leadership character. Since it is a four-year program, it is progressive in nature, allowing students to participate according to their maturity; freshmen explore, sophomores learn, juniors lead, and seniors teach.

The College of the Ozarks Academy of Lifestyle Leadership (CALL), which is an LDT sponsored event for sophomores, is an extracurricular program designed to give instruction on leadership principles and the opportunity to apply them on campus and in the community. The ultimate goal of the program is to stimulate and cultivate personal, Christ-like character and encourage natural leadership abilities, while providing opportunities for each member to practice those skills.

Student Publications

  • Outlook is the official student newspaper of College of the Ozarks, printed weekly by the College Press. A student editor and design editor, appointed by the workstation supervisor, are responsible for the management of the paper. The editors develop the paper by writing, proofreading, and completing the layout. The majority of the writing comes from 5-6 additional staff writers.
  • Phoenix is the campus yearbook. With student responsibility for the photography, layout, and writing, Phoenix attempts to produce a historical portrait of the attitudes and the activities of each year. Special sections of the book cover academics, athletics, work areas, campus organizations, and student portraits. The Phoenix office is located on the second floor of the Jamison Building.


Opportunities for creative experiences are abundant in the College’s theatre program. Students can pursue their interests and improve their skills as performers, designers, and technicians. The theatre department produces four main stage productions a year, including a major musical production every spring semester. Students may also participate in a number of student directed scenes and choreography projects through-out the year. Auditions for productions are open to all College students who are in good standing.

Intercollegiate Sports

College of the Ozarks competes in varsity competition in men’s basketball, baseball, golf and cross country, and in women’s basketball, cross country, golf, track, and volleyball. The school is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Any student who is interested in participation in an intercollegiate sport should contact the coach of that particular sport. C of O students are admitted free to all home games by showing their I.D. cards.

Music Activities

The Music department at College of the Ozarks provides students with an opportunity to earn credit while participating in many wonderful performance opportunities.

  • Chorale: The Chorale is an auditioned choral ensemble of mixed voices for students who have a desire to study and perform classical, sacred, and secular repertoire from the Renaissance to the present. The ensemble performs on and off campus, tours to area schools and churches, and sometimes travels abroad.
  • Chapel Choir: The members of the Chapel Choir serve as worship leaders for the College chapel services each Sunday. The choir is a non-auditioned, mixed vocal ensemble drawn from all areas of the student body, which possesses many levels of musical talent. The primary focus of the Chapel Choir is in music as ministry. Together they strive to achieve higher personal, musical, and spiritual standards with each passing week. The ensemble performs primarily on campus; however, the choir does tour occasionally.
  • Concert Band: The Concert Band is an auditioned ensemble for students who have a desire to study and perform standard concert band literature. The ensemble performs on and off campus.
  • Handbell Choir: The Handbell Choir is an ensemble which teaches the techniques of bell ringing. Some experience in reading music is expected. The Handbell Choir is often called upon to provide music for area churches, civic organizations, as well as participating in many festivals and clinics.
  • Jazz Band: The Jazz Band is for students who have a desire to study a wide variety of music from jazz, pop, and rock, to music originally composed for traditional big band instrumentation. The group performs concerts on campus, as well as travelling off campus for area performances and competitions.
  • Pep Band: If students want to show their spirit, this is the group to join. The C of O Pep Band performs at home basketball games and continues to participate in the NAIA tournament each year.

Students do not have to be a music major or minor to enroll in an ensemble. We want to encourage you to continue your musical growth by participating in the activities offered by the music department. If you have any questions about any aspect of the music program, contact the music department.

Club Requirements and Expectations

Campus Clubs

The College recognizes that clubs can contribute vitally to the social, moral, and intellectual growth of their individual members. On that basis, the College grants the right of existence to such clubs. This right will be upheld if the clubs, individually and as a system, continue to justify their existence by making a positive contribution to the life of their members and thereby to the College itself.

Requirements for Recognition

All student clubs must apply for recognition by the College. A list containing the names of advisors and members, the officers, requirements for membership, a copy of the club’s constitution and bylaws, and a statement of purpose and function should accompany the petition, to the Director of Student Activities.

A club achieving recognition by the College must keep an up-to-date list of officers, members, advisors, and annual reports on file in the Students’ Union office. Annual reports will be reviewed by the Students’ Union at the conclusion of each semester. Any failure to meet expectations will be reported to the Director of Student Activities. Campus clubs that are found not to be in compliance may be subject to probation or termination of current status.

Campus Club Advisors

Each club should select at least one advisor who is a member of the College faculty or staff. The name of the person chosen should be submitted to the Director of Student Activities for approval before the person is asked to serve. The advisor will have all the privileges of membership except voting and should be consulted on all organizational matters. The advisor will serve as a liaison between the club and the College and interpret actions of each to the other.

On and Off-Campus Events

Students who are representing College of the Ozarks at any sanctioned event must be in good standing with the College. Students are expected to behave in accordance with College of the Ozarks’ dress, appearance, and conduct expectations.

Applications for off campus trips are available on Campusweb under Resources. The form must be submitted at least 10 days before the departure date. Applications must be approved by the department head or organization advisor before being presented to the Dean of Students. All trips must have the approval of the Dean of the College, Dean of Work, Dean of Administration, and Dean of Students.

Filing a Complaint with Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS)

An individual may make an inquiry to TRACS regarding complaint procedures, or about issues and concerns that could be considered complaints, by visiting www.tracs.com and downloading the packet containing the Policies and Procedures for Complaints Against Member Institutions, the TRACS Complaint Information Sheet, and the TRACS Complaint Processing Form. TRACS response and its obligations to meet the specific timetables outlined in these procedures will begin only after the complainant submits all documents required in the TRACS Complaint Information Sheet.

A formal complaint is one that is:

a. Submitted in writing using the TRACS Complaint Processing Form (including all required supporting documentation);

b. Signed; and

c. Sent to the attention of the President of TRACS by the complainant(s). Complaints which are not in writing, anonymous, or sent electronically or through facsimile transmission will not be considered.