2017-2018 College Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2017-2018 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish Minor

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General Information:

Bachelor of Arts

Students completing the major in Spanish major will:

  • develop the linguistic skills necessary to communicate effectively in Spanish and, for students also majoring in secondary education, be equipped to teach Spanish (Academic);
  • be prepared to perform job-related tasks in typical fields of work for those who combine Spanish language learning with study in another academic area (Vocational);
  • see languages and cultures through the lens of a biblically-informed Christian worldview (Christian);
  • develop an appreciation for the great American ideals of the United States through the study of the history and cultures of many other countries (Patriotic);
  • grow in appreciation for Hispanic cultures, arts, and literatures, and in the ability critically to evaluate competing cultural constructions and truth claims (Cultural).

The foreign language program offers a major and minor in Spanish and courses in other languages. Students are encouraged to combine language study with other academic areas.

Credit and Placement Policies:

  1. Students with previous Spanish study will be placed into a Spanish course of the level most appropriate to their background. 
  2. Students of Spanish who begin study at the 300-400 level and pass the course with a grade of C- or better may request the awarding of credit with a grade of “P” (pass) for SPA 213 .
  3. Native and near-native speakers may enroll only in upper division courses (300-400 level).
  4. Exceptions to this method of placement will be at discretion of the instructor.
  5. Only one of the first-semester Spanish courses (SPA 113 , SPA 123 , or SPA 143 ) may count in the 6 credit-hour foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree. Students placed into one of those courses should then take SPA 153  to complete the requirement. Students seeking the B.A. who start in SPA 153  should then take SPA 203 ; those who start in SPA 203  should then take SPA 213 


Required minor courses: 18 credit hours

  • SPA courses (18)

Note: Only one of the following may count in the Spanish minor: SPA 113 , SPA 123 , or SPA 143 .


Native and near-native speakers may complete a minor in Spanish by taking 18 hours in upper division courses.

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