2023-2024 Student Handbook 
    May 28, 2024  
2023-2024 Student Handbook

Welcome to College of the Ozarks

College of the Ozarks is unique among the nation’s schools of higher learning. It is more than just another fully accredited four-year liberal arts coeducational college. The College’s program has a five-fold emphasis- academic, vocational, Christian, patriotic, cultural. Our vision is to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are welleducated, hardworking, and patriotic. College of the Ozarks has a durable and vigorous spirit that has grown since its opening in 1906. The College welcomes anyone who desires a quality education and is willing to work to his/her potential. This handbook outlines the policies and procedures followed at C of O. The rules and regulations established by the College are intended to ensure that the rights of all are protected and not merely for the purpose of punishing anyone.

Rules and regulations in this handbook are in effect at the time of publication, August 1, 2017. Changes in these policies may be made by the administration of College of the Ozarks at any time. The most updated information may be found online through the campus web that is available to all students. http://images.cofo.edu/cofo/handbook.pdf


The mission of College of the Ozarks is to provide the advantages of a Christian education for youth of both sexes, especially those found worthy, but who are without sufficient means to procure such training.

Vision and Goals

The vision of College of the Ozarks is to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well-educated, hard-working, and patriotic.

To achieve this vision, the College has academic, vocational, Christian, patriotic, and cultural goals. Even as College of the Ozarks has evolved through secondary and junior college stages to the present four-year liberal arts institution, the fundamental goals have remained the same.

Academic Goal

To provide a sound education, based in the liberal arts. Vocational Goal To promote a strong work ethic, encouraging the development of good character and values. Christian Goal To foster the Christian faith through the integration of faith with learning, living, and service.

Patriotic Goal

To encourage an understanding of American heritage, civic responsibilities, love of country, and willingness to defend it.

Cultural Goal

To cultivate an appreciation of the fine arts, an understanding of the world, and adherence to high personal standards.

Revised and approved by the Board of Trustees April 23, 2002