2023-2024 Student Handbook 
    May 28, 2024  
2023-2024 Student Handbook

Patriotic Policy

Patriotic Emphasis

The patriotic goal of the College encourages an understanding of American heritage, civic responsibility, love of country, and willingness to defend it. The College proudly embraces the patriotic traditions of the United States of America and provides many programs and activities throughout the year that emphasize patriotism. These include:

  • Honor America, the College’s annual Independence Day celebration;
  • September 11 Annual Commemoration;
  • Reading of the Constitution on Constitution Day;
  • Veterans Day service.

Additionally, the College provides numerous opportunities for students to learn, become involved, and show respect to our nation. These opportunities include:

  • Courses in ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) and Military Science (Patriotic Education and Fitness) provide formal academic training about citizenship, and if desired, joining the military.
  • Student organizations, such as College Republicans, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), and Young Americans for Liberty, sponsor events to enhance awareness and encourage participation in the political process.
  • Decorum: During the presentation of colors, singing or playing of the Star Spangled Banner, or recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, all members of the College community, and guests, are expected to stand, be respectful, and attentive.

Patriotic Education Travel

The Patriotic Education Travel Program provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students and Veterans. The program pairs students with Veterans as they travel back to the battlefields where they served. This program honors Veterans and helps educate the younger generation, instilling an appreciation for the sacrifices of American servicemen and women. Outcomes of this unique program include:

  • Life-changing experiences for students;
  • Life-long relationships with, and respect for, Veterans;
  • A dramatically increased love for the United States.

Travel destinations have included:

  • England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany
  • Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, Hiroshima, Iwo Jima, Tokyo, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, and the Mariana Islands;
  • China;
  • Germany, Poland, Austria, the Slovak Republic, and the Czech Republic;
  • Korea;
  • Vietnam;
  • Washington, D.C.

Student-applicants submit essays describing their desire to learn from Veterans. The highly competitive process has produced student-Veteran pairings who share experiences and a bond between two very different generations that is cherished by both. College of the Ozarks and its generous donors fund the Patriotic Education Travel Program.

Patriots Park

Patriots Park exists to honor, respect, and memorialize those who served, including many who gave their lives, to defend liberty. Students have opportunities to participate in educational services and programs that College provides here periodically. The park includes:

  • Veterans Grove: Which consists of over 130 maple trees that honor Veterans who have traveled with the program;
  • The Greatest Generations Plaza;
  • The Missouri Vietnam Veterans Memorial;
  • The Missouri Gold Star Families Memorial Monument;
  • The Korean War Memorial.